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    Keeping tabs on embedded forms

    Trevor McCurry

      Are there any common best practices for tracking embedded forms that are in use, and where they are being embedded?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          You can only tell where they're embedded if they're also being filled out. The form load alone is not logged (if you load from your Marketo instance, which of course 99.99999% of people do). You can do this by exporting the Activity Log and crunching it offline.


          If you want to log the form loads going forward, you can add code to the form to fire a special Munchkin event upon load.

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            Pavel Plachky

            To get this info, I export the form fill activities, which gives most of the data you would need to keep track of the form usage including date/time, form ID and the URL of the page containing the form in a csv file. As Sanford notes, you will not see the forms that are embedded on pages that nobody ever used to fill the form, but I am OK with disregarding such places. You can use the bulk activity export REST API for this.