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Create task subject - Subject and comments not Syncing

Question asked by 7a4e2cf13588ca9c74ea77291fccafd6db316fc2 on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2018 by Josh Hill

I am working with Marketo / salesforce sync. I have created a program and flow for when someone fills out a webform. The flow does the following

  1. Cange Lead Owner
  2. Create Task
  3. Add to Program (Campaign)
  4. Send email


All processes work except for when the task has been created in Salesforce the Subject and the comments do pass from what I have noted in Marketo. I have tried creating the task's subject and comments using tokens and also just plain text.

Marketo Form Subject and comments.png

However when the task is created both the subject and the comments are blank.