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How to Enrich Marketo Leads When Initial Response From Webhook is a 202?

Question asked by 928a32fe6ec1ccdd0f6f7b967cf5efca09349bae on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by Erik Larson

Hi everyone,


We are currently using Marketo's webhook ability to enrich our leads with FullContact. Some of these requests return a 202 API response (aka queued). When FullContact gets the updated data, it's not showing up on the lead in Marketo. We're not sure if it sends the updated data to Marketo or Marketo is not listening for it after the initial 202. We thought about changing our marketing activity workflow so that for a 202 response, it re-queries the FullContact after 5 minutes but are afraid that it could result in an infinite loop. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks!