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    Set lead scoring for campaign

    Kushal Byregowda

      Hello, we have currently implemented a simple lead scoring model- Behavioural + Demographic for our Lead gen activity (see screenshot below). While, the scores are reflecting if the lead score campaign is requested as a part of the campaign flow, I do not see the same happening otherwise. My concern here is to understand how do we set up a lead score model that would work for all campaigns (even if I don't add them in the campaign flow). I was wondering if anyone could clarify or help me with few suggestions on how to set up lead scoring model for multiple campaigns simultaneously.



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          Macarena Mazzeo

          Hi Kushal,


          First of all I would always suggest creating a Lead Scoring model based on tokens, which you don't have right now looking at your screenshots. Also it looks like although you set up a Demographic and a Behavioural scoring model you are only changing the overall Person Score.

          On the other side, it seems that you have a couple of fields that should be picklists and are Strings, which will always make your scoring quite inaccurate. If you want contact me here to talk more in detail about this scenario, as there are a lot of changes that could be made to improve it: https://www.linkedin.com/in/macarenalopezmazzeo/



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            Nick Hajdin

            Hi Kushal,


            I agree with Macarena, a first step is to tokenize your lead scoring model at the folder level, ensuring your tokens will cascade down to all campaigns and programs. You can watch Marketo University's Webinar on Scoring Leads and Using Lead Tokens.


            Below is a screenshot example.


            You also should be setting up triggered smart campaigns for each change in score, rather than using choices. With your current model, the first change in score will be attributed and the others will be ignored. You likely want to capture all of these behavioral triggers or demographic attributes.


            I highly recommend reviewing  Marketo's Lead Scoring Resources.

            Lead Scoring Resources - Marketo