Email Program w/ Wait Step

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Email Program w/ Wait Step

Hi All - Not sure what the best way to handle this project, hoping you all can help! I am looking to send out 4 different emails to a group of people.. a person can be disqualified from emails 2-4 if they fill out the link in email one, same situation if they fill out the link in email 2, they're disqualified from emails 3 & 4. Would it make more sense to do 4 separate email programs or do 1 program with a wait step logic? Thanks!

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Re: Email Program w/ Wait Step

I would do it in 1 Default program with 4 email assets and 1 smart campaign, the setup would look something like:


Step 1, everyone will get it then Step 3 looks for people who have Filled Out Form, then do nothing, but everyone else who hasn't Filled Out Form will get the Default Choice, repeat Step 2 and 3 for other emails. This setup means everyone flows to the end even if they completed the form fill out by Flow Step 2. Let me know if you have any issues, there is other solutions.

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Re: Email Program w/ Wait Step

Frank's way is totally acceptable and as he mentioned you can do it multiple ways.

I'd lean towards using an Engagement program where you can move them across streams if they fill out Form. The reason I'd go with this way is you can then send them thanks for filling form emails, send them other info related to what they are filling out that form etc. Again this could be added into the Smart Campaign, but it gets messier.

If fill out form and cease communications is your plan, I'd go with Frank's method though.
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