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    Qualifying for email send

      Hey all!


      I've got a question that I hope you can help with. I use Marketo to send my customers badges for completing certain criteria within our system. Here's a high-level overview:


      1. User completes criteria, gets marked with a "1" in this field in our DB

      2. That night our DB syncs to Marketo

      3. At 5AM, a program pulls everyone with a 1 in that field that has not previously received that email and sends them the badge (thus, it filters out those it has already emailed).


      Here's the issue I'm running into:


      If an user has reached their email limitation (I have it set at 3 emails per week), they obviously won't receive their badge email. However, after that 7-day window closes and they haven't received 3+ emails, shouldn't my morning program (#3 above) catch them and send them the badge email? It doesn't seem to be doing that.


      Any ideas or advice is appreciated!