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Help Understanding Ringlead Integration

Question asked by 7020055df87595187ad4ea2314637f1c4e47476d on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Luke Wotton

I'm doing a system audit within a marketo instance that uses Ringlead (see screen shot). I'm not familiar with the integration and am looking for some insight and direction.


First the primary "sync lead to salesforce campaign(s) are odd and split in two. I need help deciphering the logic on the way they are built and suggestions around improving. I included screen shots of the smart lists and flows. Can anyone help me shed light on Ringlead and the web-hook set-up and the logic in the smart campaigns?


Sync Lead to SFDC Smartlist:

Flow Step Sync Lead to SFDC:



Second Sync Lead Campaign:

Flow step for second Sync MQI/MQL Campaign: