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    Can hidden field change data value?

    Kim Gandy

      Cleaning up the number of fields on people records, and see Marketo social fields are rarely filled with a value. If I hide these fields, would they continue to collect a value, if any leads qualified to fill them?

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          Josh Hill

          if they are still on the Form, i believe so. Hiding the field just prevents users from seeing it/using it in future.

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            Veronica Holmes

            Marketo social fields are only really used by the Marketo social apps. If you are seeing no values in any of these fields chances are you are not using Marketo social buttons in your marketing so it'd be safe to hide them. I certainly would not rule out it having some kind of underlying consequence were you to use Marketo social or referral functionality with the fields hidden. Generally speaking as Josh says hiding fields just hides them from the Marketo GUI, but since social was an add-on product I'd play it safe and not hide them if you are using social.

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