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    How to export Campaign data in an external file

    Waqas Raja



      I've a use case where campaign eligible lead and campaign related data needs to be exported  into an external file once the campaign has executed.

      Data I want to export:


      * CampaignID

      * LeadID

      * Custom lead attributes

      * Custom campaigns/program tags


      This file will be then be consumed by external systems.


      Is this something that can be done? Would appreciate if someone can share if they have done something similar.



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          Liz Medeiros

          Hi Waqas,

          Do you need the files from a Salesforce campaign or from the Marketo program?

          If Marketo:

          If you want to download at a specific time interval, create a smart list where you filter for the program members. In the Lead view select all the columns you want to export. Add a Smart List Subscription as described here: Subscribe to a Smart List - Marketo Docs - Product Docs. This will send a csv file at the times you set.

          If Salesforce:

          You can create a report type campaign with campaign members or campaign with leads and download. Or you can set a query to run at specific times using Data Loader. (I use Jitterbit Harmony - they have a free version and very easy to use)


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              Waqas Raja

              Thanks Liz Medeiros

              I need the files from Marketo Program.

              Although the Smart List Subscription is useful but it's limited to select columns from Lead View only. I also required Program/Campaign related data in the same file, is this something that can be done?


              Can this Smart List Subscription can be downloaded via some API instead of getting it via Email? We want to create an automated process that can take this file and send to some external system, e.g. Direct Mail Channel.


              Appreciate if anyone can provide insights on how this could be achieved for automated process to work.