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    Can I override the Communications Limit on a Per-Email Basis?

    Laura Kimball

      Hi Community!


      Our company has set up Communication Limits as shown below allowing for people to only be contacted twice in one day and three time within a week. We have a campaign where we would like to ignore those Communication Limits. Can someone please share how best to do this?



      I know that in a single email program in the Setup section, that the Communication Limit Settings can be edited to Uncheck the "Block non-operational emails." Would this allow for overriding the Communication Limit settings to send more than 2 emails/day and more than 3/emails a week?



      Thank you,



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          Veronica Holmes

          Hi Laura

          You're on the right track, but the way to go is the opposite of what you've shown above. I'd recommend you set the global admin setting to "Block Non-Operational Emails" to YES. That way campaigns are obeying the communication limits by default. Then, authorised people are able to build smart campaigns that override the comms limits like you're showing, so at the smart campaign level exactly where you are in your second screenshot, untick "Block non-operational emails".


          That way you are choosing for this smart campaign alone to override comms limits set in the admin.


          (The other way obviously is to make the email operational which always ignore comms limits, but you should only do that if this email truly is an operational email, which in this case I assume it is not.)