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    Emails since last open field

    Micaela Wright

      We've recently switched from HubSpot to Marketo (yay!)


      As we get ready to do our first round of newsletters, I'm wondering if Marketo has the functionality to look at the number of emails we've sent a person since they last engaged (opened or clicked); this would help us send to only those who are actually interested in hearing from us. The logic looked like this in HubSpot:


      Thanks in advance!

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          Grace Brebner

          Hey Micaela Wright,


          Marketo doesn't have an equivalent default field (though you could mimic this moving forward with a data management process if you wanted to).


          To achieve a similar outcome, there's a range of typical marketo filters you could typically include in a smart list, including:

          • Lead score is at least X
          • Has opened any email in the past X months (+ at least X times if desired)
          • Has clicked any email in the past X months (+ at least X times if desired)


          But there's an important disclaimer here - you've just moved over to Marketo, and this is your first round of newsletters. You might not have lead score in place yet, and might not have data regarding opens and clicks in Marketo - and probably wouldn't be able to use these typical email filters anyway, because it's most likely that what you're looking for is information that was related to activities in Hubspot, not in Marketo.


          Long story short, I suspect this will turn around to an internal business question - did you bring that data over to Marketo? If so, what fields did you map to? If not, can you source it anywhere and supplement it?


          Hope that helps.

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              Micaela Wright

              Thank you so much, Grace. I suspected that we'd have to wait a few months before implementing it in Marketo - and luckily we did export the existing list from HubSpot - but I wanted to be make sure I understood how it would be done so I can tell our management team. Thanks again! Really helpful.

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                  Grace Brebner

                  Totally - translating these system differences back to other members of the business can be half the battle .


                  If you're looking at this moving forward, you may find it loops into lead scoring and lead lifecycle. But that's a whole other kettle of fish! Good to start thinking about, but you'll likely want to get the basics up and running first.