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    Removing mkt_tok from an email link tracking

    Olga Khadieva

      We add UTM parameters to all of our emails links and when we track these UTMs in Google Analytics, we notice that the UTMed links sometimes are being shown with a long mkt_tok string at the end, for example,




      Would unchecking "Include mkt_tok" in the link editor solve this issue? And if this option is unchecked what are the risks?

      This document here  says

      "Unchecking just Include mkt_tok will still allow the link to be tracked, but after redirect, the destination URL will not include the mkt_tok query string parameter. This parameter is used by Marketo Landing Pages and Munchkin to ensure proper tracking of person activities (like when a person unsubscribes from an email). You should avoid using this feature unless you're seeing weird behavior on your website due to the parameter being present."


      I wonder whether this is applicable only to unsubscribe links?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          It's not applicable to unsubscribe links, but to all links, and you definitely do not want to turn off mkt_tok unless you have a website problem that is so compelling that it's worth losing tracking. (Your web sessions will be anonymous, even if they start with an email click, without mkt_tok.)


          It sounds like what you want is to exclude the mkt_tok parameter in GA so it will not longer be used to differentiate URLs. That's a GA thing.

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            Robert Solis

            Marketo utilizes the mkt_tok URL parameter to identify a Lead when they arrive as a tracked web page through a Marketo Email.  This ensures no matter which computer or browser a Lead uses to click an Email link and view it in a browser the system will be able to identify the Lead and append the View Web Page activity to the Lead.  If you use the option to not include the mkt_tok the system will still be able to track the link being clicked and it will also still track the page being visited but two scenarios can occur with the visit:


            A) If the Lead was already identified on the browser viewing the page then the Visit Web Page activity will be displayed in the Lead's Activity Log.


            B) If the Lead has not been identified on the browser an Anonymous Lead record will be generated and the Visit Web Page will be associated with this Anonymous Lead.  If down the road the Lead becomes known on this browser the Anonymous Lead will be merged into the Known Lead.