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What is the best practice for setting up SFDC & Marketo? We think we might need to restructure ours.

Question asked by Nichole Cunningham on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Pierce Ujjainwalla

I would LOVE to hear how you have your Marketo/SFDC instances set up? We are wanting to hear from folks and how they like their set up? Is it working for tracking/attribution? If your instance is similar to this and you are able to get attribution on the contact side, how do you do this?


I’m really looking for best practice on how to handle Leads and Contacts in Salesforce?


Here is the background on our integration and how we have it set up:



We are losing visibility into the results our marketing efforts based on our setup of Salesforce and Marketo. We are thinking that we might need to restructure.


When we went live with Salesforce, a primary goal was providing our sales team with access to our entire lead database for prospecting without giving them access to Marketo. To accomplish this we synced our entire Marketo database into Salesforce Leads and developed a concept of Lead Type (Suspect vs MQL). We also have a lead and contact object in SFDC.


When a Suspect (Salesforce Lead record but not ready for follow up) scores high enough, the Lead Type field is updated to MQL and the rep follows up. If the MQL follow up is successful, the rep will convert the Lead into a Salesforce Contact. 


That process works great and we get all the feedback on Marketing efforts based on qualification or disqualification. 



The Contact side is where we have the trouble. Once an individual is represented as a Salesforce Contact in our system, the sales rep is notified of all significant interaction by email and the creation of a follow up Task in Salesforce. There is no feedback loop from Sales to Marketing on the results of these significant interactions for the Contact (webinars, whitepapers, events, emails, etc.).