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Help! Lost registered names in an event program. Can I retrieve them?

Question asked by Jeremy Sony on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Darrell Alfonso

Hi, I'm kind of new to Marketo (picked it up after a co-worker left and I assumed this part of her job), so I'm hoping someone with more know how than me can help me. I had set up an event program with a registration landing page. As people registered, they became members of that program marked "Registered". Earlier today, I was asked to upload static lists of leads to invite to said event. After uploading the static lists, the member list for the program filled up --- not surprising --- but now everyone in that list is displaying as a "Member" and none of them are marked as "Registered" any longer. Did I overwrite existing list members by accident and revert them back to "Member" status? Is there a way to retrieve the list of people who registered so I can reset them? I need to send invites out --- but can't send invites to people who already registered.


Hoping there a way to find the names within the system. My back-up hope is that a notification was sent to the lead owner when each person registered, so I'm hoping they have those emails. It's about 25 people, but I'd like to figure out who they are ASAP.

Thanks in advance!