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    "Global" Social Share Buttons

    Nikki Aurelio

      I've seen a few different ideas and threads in the community in regards to Marketo creating global social buttons in the design studio (see idea Global Social Share Buttons ). Since this isn't currently possible, I was wondering if anyone has utilized creating social buttons local to one program and reused them across other programs? Obviously there'd be a lack of differentiation in reporting if the same buttons are used on various pages, but other than has anyone had any positive / negative experience with doing this?


      We have a large number of resources on our website that have little traffic so are balancing the need to track any social engagement we can vs. the effort/time required for creating buttons and embedding unique ones on every single resource page. We embed the social button codes on our website landing pages (not Marketo pages).


      Appreciate any experience or advice anyone has that has found away around this or implemented it! Thanks!