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    One custom object to many leads relationship

    Andrey Tarashevskiy

      In our CRM we have a one-to-many relationship which we want to represent in Marketo (e.g. a contact category, where each contact relates to single category).



      For that purpose we create a Custom Lead Field "CategoryID" and a Custom Object "Category" which linked to a Lead's "CategoryID" field and used as dedup field for a Category object.


      We expected that when we create Category object with some ID that shared among leads, all of that leads will be linked to same custom object and share same data.


      But in reality only a one of leads (possibly first/last created) linked to Category, all other have no custom object of Category type.



      Is it bug, or we doing something wrong? We wasn't find any restrictions or workarounds in documentation.



      How do you implements one-to-many relationship in Marketo?