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    Is there a way to have multiple pick-lists?

    Sydney Frusteri

      I'm creating a form for internal use and I'm trying to figure out how to make a dependent field with different pick-lists for each value. .



      Let's field 2 is dependent on field 1.


      Field 1 has values Food, Drinks, Cars, Dogs, and Sports. Each of those values will have different lists in Field 2.


      How do I go about making Field 2 having separate lists for each of Field 1's values?

      Is there a way to do that within the same field?


      Will I need to create separate fields (like Field 2 Food. Field 2 Drinks, Etc.) for each of Field 1's values?



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          Jim Thao

          This is a classic visibility rules and the example you want to reference for this is State and Country.  If someone chooses United States for country, a list of 50 states will show up. 


          For Marketo in house builds with forms 2.0, you will need 2 fields. 


          If you want to use the same field, it's not impossible, you just need to work with a skilled dev to help you out because it's going to take some custom work.

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