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    Email - Sending Web Application built with Marketo API : How to Generate a Recipient List?

    Muhammad Ardhin



      Background Story

      I'm currently building a web page to send email using Marketo API functionalities. My idea is that, the page would allow the creation part of an email, and also the email sending part. I succeed in the email creation step. The user first need to clone an Email Program, create an email item to be put under that Email Program, and then I provide an interface to edit each of the new email item's editable contents. No problem here


      Main Question

      As for the next step, the email sending part, I face an issue : How do I let users choose their own recipient (leads in Marketo)?

      To send an email blast, first of course we have to set up the Smart List. This must be done via Marketo, but is there a way to more automate this process, so that users can choose their own list of leads, and the job to do left is only to approve the Email Blast?

      My Idea and It's Problem

      I could think of letting users choose a list of leads taken from Program Members of Static Lists, and then I would add those leads programmaticaly to an already created Static List, after cleaning up the list to prepare it for a new recipient list. From there, a Marketo User will simply include the filter 'Member of List' before sending the Mail Blast. This scenario could work IF there is only 1 user to the web application, sending 1 email at a time.


      ..But how about a scenario where multiple users are sending multiple emails at a time (for example, opening the web page in several tabs in a browser to send more than 1 email)? As there is no API available to create or clone a Static List, how can I accommodate multiple users with only 1 Static List to play with?


      Anyone have an idea on how I can provide a way for the web page user to choose their own list of recipients?