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Naming Convention limitation with Digital Asset Management Tool - Bynder

Question asked by cf73aa1d469baa505db01489cc6f5c082451852a on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

We are considering Bynder as our digital asset management tool. The intention is to integrate Marketo with Bynder and one of the key business requirement is to have the same naming convention reflected in Marketo. Could you please advise if there are any best practice or preferred naming convention in Marketo for digital assets? In addition, kindly please help advise if you may know of any limitation on Marketo with regards to this (for example limit in number of characters, usage of special characters, etc.). Appreciate it if you could advise the implications on Marketo of the naming conventions chosen in Bynder.