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    API Limits Reached w/SFDC

    Erin Olsen

      I am doing a bunch of clean-up in Salesforce to re-associate leads with the correct SFDC campaign, and I hit my daily limits (argh!). If the update fails due to limits being reached... any chance it will update later once I have calls available?


      Or do I have to go back and find out what failed (not even sure how I do that other than looking at individual record history) and then do a manual update?



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          Devraj Grewal



          I've run into this issue a couple times as well, mostly when I am updating member status for SFDC Campaigns through Marketo, there are just too many API calls. I believe the calls are on a rolling 24 hours, so every few minutes you will have more calls available. If reaching your daily limit of API calls is an issue, you can purchase more by contacting Marketo.