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    How to create a list of leads and email it daily to someone?

    Kevin Lustgarten

      New user here.


      We have a form. We get X number of leads per day.

      Someone in marketing wants to get a list of everyone new who completed the form, once per day.

      Preferably we set this up as an automated send with a spreadsheet attached.


      Doable? If so, how do I set it up?

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          Hi Kevin,


          Welcome! It is indeed possible now via Smart List Subscription. Here's how:


          1. Right-click the program that the form lives under
          2. New Local Asset
          3. Smart List
          4. Name: Form Fills
          5. Search for "Filled Out Form" filter and drag it to the left
          6. Select the form you're referencing
          7. Then go to List Actions > New Smart List Subscription
          8. Name it
          9. Put the email of the recipient (or multiple recipients)
          10. Select Frequency
          11. CREATE
          12. Then it will take you to the list of all your Smart List Subscriptions. Click "Edit Columns" to choose the data fields you want sent in the .csv to that person each week


          That's it! Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck


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