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    How are people assigning lead attribution for online ads driving registrants to other programs?

      I'm interested in feedback from the community about how they assign lead source attribution where an online ad (or print ad, for that matter) drives new leads to another program. This is a philosophical rather than a technical question. Here's what I mean - typically "Lead Source" = Channel Name and "Lead Source Detail" = Name of Program. E.g.,


      Lead Source = Webinar;

      Lead Source Detail = Webinar: How to XYZ 2016.6.15


      But what if it was a banner ad that drove the webinar registration? Should the Lead Source be "Online Ad"? Or should it be "Webinar"? What about the Source Detail field? And if the answer is the Lead Source should be "Online Ad", how do you take it into account when measuring the success of the Webinar channel? Come to think of it, the same question would apply if you used a 3rd party list rental to drive webinar registrants.


      Thanks in advance for any input!