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    Updating Email Templates

    Gerard Donnelly

      Hi Guys,


      I was wondering if someone can help me.  I have updated some of the email templates in my Design Studio but when I go into Marketing Activities I do not see the updates reflected.  Does Marketo not push these changes into emails that are using these templates?

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          Juli James



          If you update and email template then all of the email that are using that template will go into 'Draft' version.  You will need to re-approve all of these emails to see the updated email template.


          You can do a 'bulk approve' by doing the following:


          1: Go to design Studio

          2: Click on 'Emails' (you'll now see all of your emails in Marketo listed here

          3: Sort emails either by template or 'last updated'.  I tend to use 'Last updated' as any email template change will 'update' all he emails using the template.

          4: Using the Shift or CTRL key select all the emails using the updated template (you might have to do this page by page if there are loads)

          5: On the top bar (under the tabs), click Email Actions>Approve Drafts  - this will approve all of the draft emails selected in one go.

          6: Go to Marketing Activities and you should be able to select an email and see the changes,


          Hope this helps :-)



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            Gerard Donnelly

            Thanks for your help James!