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    validation error: <img> escaping malformed URI reference

      I'm trying to set up a fully tokenized email template. But I've gotten several validation errors that won't let me save - metatags, some proprietary attributes, etc.


      I've sacrificed these to complete my task, but one remains: Validation refuses to accept a tokenized image url. I've tried different html type attribute tags, hoping that would solve it, but no luck. I always get the error: Warning: <img> escaping malformed URI reference


      I've tried my urls three different ways:


      entire url:

      <img src="{{my.Content - EM_Header image}}" alt="xxxx" Title="xxxx" border="0"/>


      including http:

      <img src="http://go.idt911.com/rs/000-XXX-000/images/{{my.Content - EM_Header image}}" alt="xxxx" Title="xxxx" border="0"/>


      replacing characters with unicode:

      <img src="http://go.idt911.com/rs/746-PTV-801/images/{{my.Content - EM_Header image}}" alt="IDT911" Title="IDT911" border="0"/>


      Any thoughts?