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Engagement program process

Question asked by 931acd785b50fe1235f2e3573569f7750ede6713 on May 11, 2016
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Hi everyone,


I'm currently carrying out a Marketing Automation in order to clean up my data base and qualify my leads through a Engagement Program.


It looks like that scenario : First stream : I send a follow-up email after a whitepaper download, with a link that leads to a landing page to ask a demo of my software.

If the contact clicks on the link, I'd like him to move to my second stream and so on.


At that point, I didn't really get how to do it.


Should I create a Program where would be my follow up emails, a smartlist, my data base list and a smart campaign or should I just build a transition rules ?


By the way, correct me if my logic is wrong. in the example I made below, my path/flow would mean : If someone opens the email, and/or clicks on the link he would be added to the midstream.

Otherwise if he doesn't open the email, he would stay in the early stream (e g : don't focus on the time it was for my personal test).


If someone has got an answer or an advice, I would be so grateful. The fact that I'm very new in Marketo limits a bit my knowledge and skills even though I browsed into the Marketo Community discussions.

Sorry for the messing message




- Etienne