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    Women's History Contest Week 3: Nominate a female

      This week's challenge is about nominating woman in your organization who you think is making history.


      This week March 21 - March 25 nominate a woman in YOUR organization who you think is making history by commenting in this post. She could be paving the way for other women to be successful, showing strong leadership across the organization, or producing stellar results and killing it in their job! Or maybe she is also making a difference in the community. Whatever the reason, nominate and let the Nation decide the winner.


      Note, there are two winners for this challenge. The person who writes the nomination AND the person nominated will each receive a $50 gift card!


      Nominate by commenting in this thread by 5pm PT this Friday 3/25 and whatever post gets the most likes will win a $50 amazon gift card (note, the author and the nominated female each get $50 gift cards!).


      To view next week's challenge or previous week's winners, view Celebrate Women's History Month with the Marketing Nation, and Win! 

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          Lauren Chun

          I'd like to nominate our Senior VP of Global Marketing, Fiona Nolan.  Fiona believes in marketing by facts and she strongly supports our marketing automation team.  Fiona has led our department through a recent global acquisition and has been an inspiration through her leadership and her team building.




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            Ouida Linkous

            I would like to nominate our Director or Marketing Ops, Naomi Marr.  She transitioned our company from an older system to Marketo in just 4 weeks. She oversaw, and participated, in the conversion of over 700 landing pages, 1,089 campaigns, and 714 forms. 


            In the last year on Marketo, she's built a team of power users, given power and responsibility to the demand gen team so they can be more self-sufficient, and enhanced the way we all use the system.  She's built a global team that works together to use the system as one.


            Most recently Naomi went to bat for our team and got permission to bring all of us to Summit 2016.  We've never met in person as a team.  This will be a chance for our team to spend quality time together learning more about the platform and bringing back ideas for 2016 and beyond. 


            She's done all of this while still being a super mom to two really busy kids.  She's a daily beacon of what a work life balance looks like.  She's implemented and streamlined to get things scheduled in advance so we aren't all reacting to "emergencies".   She's an example of how to be an amazing marketer, and still feed a group of hungry high school soccer players.


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              I am nominating our RFP Coordinator, Rachelle Yeingst. She started in this company as a Logistics Coordinator, trained me how to be really great there, and has since been promoted herself.

              • First of all, she joined the Marines out of high school. She spent a year in Afghanistan, and she made changes to their processes that saved the military something in the ballpark of 100k per month in costs.
              • She is a mom, which to me is mind-boggling. She keeps a 3 year old alive, fed, clean, and happy, which I struggle to do for a cat.
              • She is one of the most diligent worker I know. When we worked together as Logistics Coordinators, she consistently put the customer first, was a top performer, and put in long hours to ensure that things ran smoothly.
              • She goes to school full time, earning her Bachelor's and then Master's, while being the diligent worker that she is.
              • And somehow she puts up with me, too. Again...I'm not sure how she manages.


              She is not in marketing, but when I think of strong, inspirational women, she is always top of mind.

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                Dory Viscogliosi

                I think it's pretty clear that Naomi Marr's team totally respects her and thinks that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread!! While I love people within my own organization, I want to nominate Naomi as well! It sounds like she's done a tremendous job of building an international team and she is rocking it! It sounds like she is doing what I strive to do, another reason for my nomination of her.


                (I definitely broke the rules.. but think it's cool in this situation.)

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                  Jessica Dobson

                  I'd like to nominate Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer at The Pedowitz Group, author of The Revenue Marketer, and fabulous mentor.


                  Debbie literally wrote the book on Revenue Marketing, a true game-changer for marketers everywhere. Her theory has lead TPG to develop the RM6 Strategy to provide marketers everywhere a game plan to move marketing from being a cost-center to a revenue generator. Moreover, she's a wonderfully down to earth person dedicated to helping women succeed in business. I know I can call on her for whatever I need and want to basically want to be Debbie when I grow up. She's been a true inspiration for myself and my colleagues at TPG.

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                    Congratulations to Ouida Linkous, Marketing Automation Specialist at Avid andNaomi Marr, Director of Marketing Ops at Avid! They are both winners in last week's challenge for Ouida's nomination of Naomi as an influential female making a big impact at her company and also in her kids lives.


                    Thanks for participating and telling us such great stories about the awesome women of the Marketing Nation!

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                      Ouida Linkous

                      Thank you Liz!  This is awesome and Naomi really is great, and it is wonderful to hear about the other great ladies.  She's definitely in good company in this category!!