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Alert Deliverability Problem

Question asked by Jean-Pascal Mercier on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by Jean-Pascal Mercier

Hi guys,


We send a lot of alerts to our CRM, in different queues. We notice that, sometimes, Marketo's alert just doesn't get delivered. This is a problem as these alerts are important to our sales efforts.


I've contacted Marketo support on this and they said that if Marketo's log said it was delivered, it was delivered. But that they had no way to check individual alert to confirm this.


I've went numerous times to different of our IT admins and they can find individual emails. When I give them those that didn't reach our mailbox, they say they never hit our servers.


Anyone has had problem with Alert deliverability? Any best practices to ensure the best deliverability rate possible?