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    Timestamp for Form Submissions

      Hi Marketo Community -- I'm pulling spreadsheets of form submissions over a specific period of time. We'd like to include the date (and time if possible) as to when the form was filled out. Is this possible, and if so, how? Thanks in advance for your help! Stephanie

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          John Clark

          Hi Stephanie,


          You'd need to have a flow step or campaign set up to populate that data at the time the form is filled out.  Basically, you'd have a custom field and a trigger campaign that would use the trigger Fills Out Form > Is Any.  The flow of that campaign would use a Change Data Value with the {{system.Date Time}} token to populate your custom field with the current date and time.  Then you could include that custom field in your spreadsheets to show when the most recent form was filled out for each lead.


          The only issue is that this will only work for leads filling out forms in the future.  There isn't currently a way to export the day and time of a form fill-out en masse automatically.



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            Sanford Whiteman

            Stephanie, you can also stamp the form using JavaScript.  I'd do that instead to reduce the number of trigger campaigns and keep the handling on the client side.




                form.addHiddenFields({ LastFormFilloutDateTime : new Date().toUTCString() });




            Bear in mind that both this and the server-side Change Data Value associate the timestamp with the lead, rather than with the activity.  As such there is only one value stored at any time.  If you want to see a "stack" of all the form fillouts over time, you can use a Change Data Value to append to a second history field.


            The timestamp data at the activity level is available via the API.