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    Email columns and horizontally aligned buttons

      You email developers out there - is there a way to have buttons in separate columns aligned horizontally when the length of copy in each differs? I spent hours working on it this weekend to no avail, so I'm pretty desperate.  I've tried setting column heights in table cells and tables, stacking tables and aligning top or bottom, and a million other things. The only way I have managed to make it work (in Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013) is by putting in multiple <br /> tags to even up the lines of text. That of course is incredibly unreliable, not to mention it displays horribly on mobile.  In some clients other than Outlook, the buttons are aligned, however there are huge gaps between the column copy and the header text.


      The comp is here: http://info.versionone.com/rs/981-LQX-968/images/email-columns.jpg


      I'm using a fluid hybrid template from Email on Acid with which I've had great results.  My code is here: https://litmus.com/builder/4b9121a


      My rendering test is here: Email On Acid - Email Testing


      Thanks in advance for any guidance or feedback.