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Can hard bounces be reset? Undeliverables data modeling question.

Question asked by 864287277c0760210d72fe32233087d4c752d2ff on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by Josh Hill

We are creating our undeliverable data model and could use some info on how bounces are handled in Marketo.

Here is the current scenario/model:

We have a customer who's email bounces. We feed the generated email notice though a database exporter into a data routine that marks the customer's account with a warning flag. The customer comes in and updates their email address and a teller clears the flag.


We are putting together the marketo version and I'm not sure how to get the info back into our core system because there won't be the bouncebacks to export. We will be doing api calls and I was wondering how the bounces are marked and cleared in marketo. What data points are there and do the hard bounces automatically clear when a new email address is updated to the file?


Any help would be appreciated.