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Campaign<>Landing Page<>URL Parameters.

Question asked by 335fca40c61f2cd9fb9099643328d8544027e08c on Dec 8, 2015
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Hi All,


Currently we have campaigns pertaining to one landing page spread across several channels. For eg.- adwrods/etc.)&utm_medium=(cpc/etc.)


Going forward we want to run and track these campaigns in our Marketo instance.


We wanted a setting in a way that we have a landing page stored in Marketo. We then create programs/campaigns such that we can select this Landing Page, select the utm_source (from a picklist preferably) , then select the utm_medium(again from a picklist/dropdown) and then finally starting the campaign. Upon activating the program/campaign, we can then track the leads coming in through the landing page separately as per the utm_source and umt_medium or any other URL parameters that we may append to the landing page URL.


Also, do we need to extensively create landing pages in Marketo to be able to achieve the above functionality or using an external landing page will also do?


It would be really helpful and a great learning experience if you guys help me out with it.


Thanks a lot everyone