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Quickest way to approve landing pages after changing a form?

Question asked by Zach Devine on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Adam Goszka

Hello all,


I've recently made an update to a form that used on 21 different landing pages.  Because of the form change all 21 landing pages now need to be re-approved.


To my knowledge there are two ways I can go about approving all of the landing pages that were put in draft with the form change:


1) Under Marketing Activities go through and find each individual landing page and approve each one by one.  This is time consuming and quite frankly annoying as heck.


2) Design Studio > click on Landing Pages so all of the pages are listed.  Hold control and select each landing pages that were effected, right-click and approve all.  This is better than Option 1 but it still a pain because there is no way to filter the list by FORM used (only Template).


Is there a better way to isolate and approve the exact landing page templates that use a particular FORM?


It would be amazing if we could simply click and approve from the FORM "Used By" tab....screenshot