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    How can i identify leads who use google as their email client?

    Prinu George

      I have a bunch of leads (mostly with business emails) who i wanted to send an invite to a webinar. I also included 'Add to Google Calendar' to it. Since this will work only for google, i wanted to split the email to A and B.


      A will have the .ics file download  (this will go to leads using email clients other than google)

      B will have 'Add to Google Calendar' (sent to leads using google as their email client)


      How can i filter my target list for group B?



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          Stijn Heijthuijsen

          Hi Prinu,


          There's no surefire way to get this done. A contact can open his email in Gmail once and in Outlook the next time.

          In order to get close to what you're trying to do, you can create Smart Lists based on the device used to open one, some or all of your emails. The more emails you choose, the bigger the chance someone will be on 2 multiple lists at the same time.


          Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.49.29 AM.png


          Create a Smart List, select the device / platform / browser combination you're looking for.

          In the Flow steps for your 'Send Email' click the link 'Add choice' and select 'Member of Smart List'. If they're in the Gmail smart list, send them the Gmail email. If they're not, send them the outlook email.



          Hope this helps.

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