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Can't Get Comment Field to Sync in Salesforce or Notification Email?

Question asked by 925fa8be924bbe88c41ab70eb407e32852b95e63 on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by Josh Hill

Hi there!


My company is new to Marketo and we're having some issues with the sync between Marketo and Salesforce.


  1. Cannot get the "comment" field in Marketo forms to sync w/ the "comments" field in a salesforce event field -- the name of the form goes into that comments field in Salesforce instead.
  2. Cannot get an email to be sent to the lead owner when the contact has synced with salesforce, or to a separate non-salesforce email. (This is all the "send alert" function in Marketo that isn't sending the alert!)
  3. Is there any way to sync campaigns between Marketo and Salesforce without making all recipients of say an email in the campaign new leads? (i.e. just updating their contact in salesforce?)


Have opened inquiries w/ support but haven't heard back from them in a week! Any help is appreciated!


Thank you!