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Building and Analyzing a Multi-Step Form?

Question asked by 6153a233210cd6f02cb535ff7f15aea16fee05b1 on Sep 21, 2015
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I’m curious if anyone else out there has built a functioning multi-step form and how they are analyzing form data as it comes in step-by-step. Below is how I am planning on doing it but if anyone has any pointers, I’d really appreciate it.


In this project, I’ve built three forms that will be tied together in a multi-step form process (within a Program). The goal is for the user to provide some info on pages 1-2, and then on page-3 they’ll actually provide contact info (email address, etc). During my testing, this seems to work well when a user is on the same browser session and clicking through from page-to-page.


I’ve built this form process as three separate forms on three pages (one form per page) because I want to collect the submitted data at each step of the process even if a user does not complete step-3. This means we will possibly collect anonymous user data before the user bounces if they don’t want to provide an email address. Question: What is the best way to analyze this incoming anonymous data? When I built this project, I really envisioned some kind of dashboard where I could see the fields being collected and stats on the field options being selected. I’m not seeing any form performance report that can help quantify and visualize the data that comes in on a specific form – or is there one that I’m not seeing in Marketo? Obviously, we’re talking about anonymous leads but I’m hoping that I can set up a dashboard to check in on how steps 1 and 2 are performing for those who don’t complete.


The best solution I can come up with at the moment is a Smart List that drills down into one of the forms and only Anonymous leads, also only viewing the appropriate columns. The hole I’m worried about is Anonymous data being cleared after 90 days, so I’d have to probably export this data pretty regularly. Also, I’m not sure how accurate Anonymous leads are assigned and not accidentally duplicated for whatever reason. Any issues with that? I assume Marketo is looking at a combination of factors like cookies, IP address, etc.


Form step completions will be easy to see as I’ve set up specific Program Statuses but the important part of steps 1-2 is the data coming in. Capturing what that data is when leads bounce before completing the process is one of the goals here.