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Fields Overwritten with Null Values

Question asked by 48020ad0681a947dea22b61c86c054892e80c1a4 on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Grace Brebner

Hello Community,

We currently have a process to collect data values from prospects through forms. For example, "How many distribution centers does your network have?". Prospects will answer this information, which triggers an alert to me that an Earned Data field has changed. That field is synced to Salesforce and is write-able both ways. The sync IS working, and the value DOES make it into Salesforce.


However, periodically many of these fields are being overwritten and changed back to "Null". I will receive all of the alerts in the exact same minute - so, for example, at 11:09am two days ago, 17 fields were reset to Null from those fields. There are no existing workflows in Salesforce that would clean those fields. There is also no consistent time that all of the fields are changed.


I have no idea why these fields would be reset - this does not happen with fields other than those we're including in these forms. Any ideas as to why there would be a systematic reset of these fields!?! I'm stumped. Here's what the action log looks like:

The individual action looks like this:

Thanks for your help!