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Automate Website Newsletter Sending with Marketo

Question asked by 3bc4b0c911f1534d2d852b564e62515d53b49017 on Sep 1, 2015
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We produce a couple of newsletters/content pieces a day from our website for our customers.  At the moment our editorial team will select our top 10 news stories and the website will generate email code for us.  We then copy this code into Marketo manually and send the email. 


I am looking to automate this process (as we have a lot of skilled internal resource) by getting it set up so that once the newsletter is ready in the website our editors can just "click" a button and the website will automatically do everything needed and send the email for us (ideally at a very specific time so that we can make our newsletter reliable).  Does anyone out there have any resources they could share with me or advice on how to achieve this?


Any advice on getting this automation set up would be amazing.