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Do Programs with "Operational" Channel Get into RCE?

Question asked by Iryna Zhuravel Expert on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by Iryna Zhuravel

I've got a request from some higher-ups to send them a weekly report on how many people fill out one operational form I have; this form is purely operational and is a local asset in a program with the "Operational" channel (all this program does is it sends confirmation emails to people who submitted the form and add them into a list).


Now management wants to get a report with just the number of form fill outs per day (new names, old names, doesn't matter). To them it sounds like a very simple request, but I found it is actually not that easy to achieve through Mareketo analytics. RCE seems to be the best solution, since I can run program membership report (I assign everyone who filled out the form Operational->Member status), but for some reason I do not see this one program in the RCE.


And yes, the program does have period cost and analyic behavior = Inclusive (regardless of period cost). Could it be that the programs with the operational channel are somehow hidden from the RCE (never tried to run report in RCE on them before) ? Am I missing something? Or does it sound more like a bug and I should submit this to support?


Thanks a lot