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Advanced Sales Alerts

Question asked by Jason Martin on May 21, 2015
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Hey Everyone,

      I am seeking some help to find a sustainable solution to advanced sales alerts in Marketo. I'd like to find out if anyone has a similar situation to what I am experiencing and if you have found a solution. Any help that could be offered is greatly appreciated!


Here is our situation:


Right now, our sales reps are split across multiple regions in the US as well as throughout various countries globally. There are many situations that have several reps assigned to the same region that all want to receive alerts for new leads or for certain lead activity. The problem is, there are hundreds of sales reps and many layers that want to receive certain alerts. Meaning alerts are not just based on Lead Owner.


The way the alerts are set up right now is: IF lead is in territory X, send alert to Jon, Joe, Anne, Stacy, etc. <-- and these IF statements go on and on to include all regions.


The issue I am finding with this setup, is it will become very cumbersome as we expand our Marketo deployment to new countries and new regions. Sales reps will come and go, region assignments may change, and there will be hundreds of territories with hundreds of reps within them--All with different email alerts and languages. Does anyone know of a sustainable approach to manage alerts in this scenario within Marketo? I don't want to end up with dozens of smart campaigns with dozens of IF statements that need to be manually updated and checked every time a sales rep changes.


Again, thanks in advance for any input that you can provide!


- Jason