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Routing Leads to Sales Reps by Time of Creation

Question asked by Josh Hill Expert on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2014 by Josh Hill
Hi there,

Someone asked this question the other day and I cannot find the discussion now, but then someone asked on Linkedin so I thought I'd share my solution here:

The use case is you want to assign Leads to an East Cost Rep between 9-5p EST and then to someone else from 5p - 8am EST.

It might be possible to use the Lead Created At field and have 1 trigger per time zone, assuming your system is based on EST: 

Create a Time of Day field in Marketo as a String (text).

Step 1: anytime someone comes in, we stamp the lead with a Time of Day in a text field. Use {{system.Time}} to stamp the lead. The {{system.Time}} token looks like 9:00 AM (-500 GMT) or something like that.

Step 2: then another trigger Called Eastern listens for a Change Data Value of Time of Day: 

If (Time of Day (STARTS WITH 9 AND CONTAINS AM) AND (Time of Day STARTS WITH 5 and CONTAINS PM)), then this is an EST so send to person A. 

Step 3: setup smart lists for each time zone like that and have a separate trigger like Central or Pacific or Europe or Asia. You could run separate triggers or try to have everything run in one trigger and use the Sync Lead to SFDC Choice Steps. I'd test this out a bit though. I think it might work better separately. 

I just tried the smart list and it will pick up people. Just remember your system time determines what gets stamped and then you'll have to work the time zone math.