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Managing user permissions / roles and approval processes

Question asked by Nathan Allison on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by Grégoire Michel
Hello Marketo Community,

I am hoping for suggestions around managing user permissions for a growing user base.  My company is on Select edition (1 partition, 1 workspace, etc.) and we now have almost 30 users.

The situation gets tricky because we have users of varying degrees of skill/experience, and our users are all over the US, Canada and Europe.  So while we do a good job of sharing resources and best practices, I am hoping to hear how other Marketo admins manage user activity.

We do leverage user roles, but I am finding some of the permissions to be more rigid than I would like.  For example, I would like our users to be able to build emails and landing pages in Marketing Activities and only use Design Studio for templates, but if I turn off emails and landing pages as a permission it turns it off system-wide.  Another wish list item for me would be for some users to "request manager approval" at the schedule campaign tab, rather than just being able to schedule it (or not at all).

Are other admins out there feeling underwhelmed by lack of permissions settings?  How are you guys dealing with this stuff?  I feel like our best (only?) option is to constantly have internal meetings on approved processes, etc.

Feedback much appreciated!  Thanks!