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Engagement Stream Transition?

Question asked by Paul Su on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by Josh Hill

Hi, I'm setting up a pretty simple engagement stream for now, my question is if I have two streams (lets call them Stream 1 & Stream 2) and in Stream 1 there are ~8 emails, of which each has its own unique individual link to some type of asset. I want to build the transition from Stream 1 to Stream 2 on if someone has clicked on at least 2 of the links (only counting unique click) in any combination over the 8 emails. What would be the best/most streamlined way to do that? 

I was thinking of creating a custom Marketo field that is a "Score" type field that would just look at members of the Engagement Program that are in Stream 1 and then if each unique time they click a link in say one of the 8 emails I add +1 to the score. So Transition Rule would be once that score value changes to 2 the lead would be moved to Stream 2. I believe that should work - or I'm sure there may be a easier solution for this.