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    Filtering results between a time period in the smart list

      Is there a way to filter my smart list reults to emails that were delivered AND between a certain time? 

      I want to figure out how to see emails that were delivered betewen 3 pm - 4:15 pm, because I want to resend this campaign to recipients who may have received the email with a broken image. The error was fixed at 4:14pm, and then approved so the I'm assuming that emails that were all sent/delivered after the email was updated will show the image in the email....is this correct?

      Some specifics: I sent out to an audience of 60k, and the smart list results extend to a 400k because of a wait step we included in the flow step.

      Any suggestions on how to go about doing this and maybe how to set this up in a smart campaign?

       I've also noticed that when trying to export my unfiltered results of 400k, I wasn't able to. There was a limit of 20k, any way around this?
      Thank you in advance!
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          If you go into the results tab of the campaign that you used to send the email, you can view the data you need there. This area will show you when emails were sent, delivered, opened, etc... You can export this data as needed.

          However, I don't believe re-approving the email post-launch will have had the effect you were looking for.  Unless I am mistaken, all emails sent in a campaign use the email approved at the time it is scheduled/lauched - meaning all emails will have been affected by the error. I hope I am wrong though, because there will be times that functionality willl come in handy!

          I don't know the answer to the 20K limit issue you mention.
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            Josh Hill
            Mark is correct. If you run a batch and it starts to run, it takes the most recent approved version of the email. If you change the email in the middle of the job, it does not care.

            The way to handle broken items is to do at least one of the following:
            • Abort the job with the abort button OR call support.
            • Go into Images and fix the image
            • Create a 301 redirect in Admin > Rules where you place the broken URL with the correct URL (you can still do this btw even though it went out)
            As for the export limit, this is a built in limit in many situations. Ask support for help. I've downloaded much more but you have to restrict it to Visible Columns and then wait.