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    naming convention for forms

      Wanted to get thoughts on how to manage forms across channels for easy reporting.  Here are some we were thinking:

      1.  have a form per each piece of content offered (that way we can quickly see how many downloads from this piece of content from our website, email campaigns, paid ad campaigns, etc..).  But then the forms would be housed in the design studio and not locally.
      2.  include the channel name in each form so we can pull downloads from any form contains "email" or "website."

      just wanted to see how other folks are organizing forms.

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          Josh Hill
          I would go with #2.
          • Have a set of Standard Forms for each type of situation or channel. Put these in Design Studio.
          • Local Forms - you can clone the Standards into the Program, use them or  modify them.
          I find that inexperienced marketers do not remember to monitor hidden fields that might have been setup for tracking purposes, so always train on this and setup standard forms to start with.