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Passing the value within the same field.

Question asked by 8ee4f902c2a0d1be27ece5dfa737bb1fa938d944 on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by 8ee4f902c2a0d1be27ece5dfa737bb1fa938d944
I have about 4-6 custom fields we want to create but we want to be able to date stamp each of them individually instead of having to create an extra 4-6 fields for the date stamp for each one and having 8-12 fields in total, is there a possibility to pass the date stamp within the same field once the person fills that field out.

Example: Do you sell online? Yes/No, the moment someone fills that out on a form, can we have it dated, within the same field itself, or do I have to create a separate field to stamp it.

Can we use a formula field or anything else that would stamp it along with the value.