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Campaign Queue Backlog

Question asked by c8df7afdc64fded59bf55a1e5f2dd0fd44b53051 on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Mike Reynolds
We are experiencing a huge backlog of triggered campaigns in the Campaign Queue, which is causing delays to our data updates and programs that sync to Salesforce.

I initially engaged Marketo Support when I noticed the delays, and they told me that it was the sheer number of trigger campaigns we had active that was causing the backup. That combined with inefficient smart list operators (using "contains" or "is not", instead of "is") was severely slowing down Marketo's ability to process new trigger campaigns.

This article on optimizing smart lists was helpful in explaining the impact of those filters:

I was wondering if anyone has faced these challenges, and what were some steps that you took to alleviate the problem?