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    Website Login to Identify Anonymous User and Update Activity

      Hello.  New to Marketo and although I have searched the Community, I havent seen a good answer to this.  Seems like it should be pretty easy.  Below is the scenario:

      1)  User not logged into website (Sitecore based).  Activity tracked as an anonymous user in Marketo.  In this example, let's say they have a week work of activity.

      Anonymous User ---generates---> Anonymous Web Activity

      2)  The anonymous user either logs in or registers.  We are probably keeping our forms since some drop downs are dynamically driven based on previous selections.  Email address is the Unique Identifier and the user name for the web site account.  I want to update the user's email address (and any other user information gathered) so the previously anonymous web site activity is now linked to that now identified user.  Lastly, I would get that information to flow into SalesForce.com.

      Anonymous User ---logs in---> Known User
      Unknown Mechanism
      --Updates--> Marketo Account with Gathered Information
      Marketo  --Updates--> SalesForce.com

      Any ideas on this?  I imagine I am going to need a developer for this so I need to schedule some time from the development shop.

      Thanks in advance,