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    Restrict initial data sync with salesforce?

      We are new to Marketo, and about to integrate with our Salesforce. I have 2 questions

      1. How shall I restrict the number of records at the time of initial data sync? (for example: In salesforce I might have many leads that do not have email address, I do not want them in Marketo)

      2. I do not want to sync my Salesforce Contacts object (records) with Marketo currently.

      Note: I have a restriction, my Marketo-Salesforce integration user is a system admin and has access to all objects/fields and their data.
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          Josh Hill
          You need your Marketo User to have restricted access to those objects and any lead without an email.

          Sounds like that's not how you are setup though. When you say you have to have the Marketo User be an Admin, why? That's generally not a good practice.

          Perhaps you should either remove leads w/o emails or reconfigure SFDC BEFORE you attempt to do the sync.

          Maybe some of the SFDC gurus can chime in on this?

          You could also sync, then use the Delete in Marketo, Keep in CRM flow step to remove Contacts and leads w/o emails.:

          Delete Lead, Remove from SFDC = FALSE

          Marketo won't sync those leads back until they change.
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            Are you using Professional Edition of SFDC?
            This is the only case where you should need to assign the admin profile to your Sync user.

            Feel free to log a case with support and a member of the team will discuss the options available.