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    ZoomInfo v. Broadlook v. eGrabber

    Lauren Galietti
      Has anyone tried any of these software products for lead generation? What did you think?

      We're thinking about purchasing one and have seen demo's of both Broadlook and eGrabber. Just looking for more info...
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          We really like Insideview. We really liked ZoomInfo, but wanted more of the enrichment similar to data.com.

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            Josh Hill
            I like ZoomInfo. Remember to negotiate hard with them!

            We've used eGrabber, but I have some issues with its compliance with canspam.
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              I worked for a company a few years ago that used Broadlook--we also had some issues with Can Spam compliance. Overall we were pretty underwhelmed with the service we were using, which I believe was Contact Capture.
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                I used eGrabber at my last company, and I think for the price it's excellent. Klugy interface, but it does data scraping from LinkedIn...very different approach than a "ZoomInfo" kinda place. Another thing to note:  Phone numbers are accurate but  the majority of the email addresses from eGrabber are personal email addresses - NOT work address. The reason for this (which makes sense) is bc most people use their personal email address on their LI profile, not a work address!

                The other neat thing about eGrabber is you can grab members of a LI group. For example, you can easily find all the people who belong to the Marketo User Group in the San Francisco Bay Area (from Linked In.)
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                  Spam contrarian:

                  You shouldn't use tools like this within Marketing to generate for outbound messaging: they might be effective short term but you'll alienate many prospects.

                  There are far more effective approaches to find your buyers in Marketing: why not create useful content for your buying audience?  Why not encourage social sharing with contests?

                  Sales should still use these tools: the 1-1 cold call and cold email will remain relatively effective because they demonstrate they don't result in getting on automated blacklists for the entire company.  A salesperson interrupting one prospect's day is far less likely to create downsides for your organization than an onsolicited email to 10,000 strangers.
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                    eGrabber is awesome. As a previous user mentioned, the interface is a bit clunky, but with proper training, you could get some really good and targeted prospect info. Consider using an intern as it's a bit manual. Also, if you're techie, try using it in conjunction with AutoHotKey to automate the scraping process. Beware of LinkedIn's recent restrictions on profile searches - not sure the impact on this product.

                    ZoomInfo is near the top of its class for purchased lists. NetProspex and Data.com are fine as well.