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Question asked by 30573 on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by e5edb74a60d32292c0d40b6e0c3f415bc9847139
Our lead scoring is pretty much worthless at this point due to the following issues:

1)  Inbound Leads inflate the scores and immediatly consume the spots for the "best bets". They are scored based on filling out a form, visiting key web pages, and then scored for responding to emails.  We want best bets to also show leads that pop up on their own based on other engagement. Since inbound leads from a form (automatically marketing qualified) are already alerting the bus dev rep, we don't need best bets or lead scoring to be the sales trigger for outreach to occur. 

2) The Marketo Tab and best bets view in Salesforce seems pretty limited in regards to creating custom views, filters, and reports. Is it possible to use a filter to isolate which leads went through a specific campaign? Or do we have to create a SFDC campaign for each marketing email nurturing campaign, and run reports that way?

3) Do you remove scores when a status is changed, for example (sales qualified to recycled)

4) Random question.  When your sales team changes a status to recycle, do they still create a task for follow-up in the future? 

5) Did you end up using an outside consultant for deployment of Marketo? We haven't been too pleased with the onboarding experience.